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Dr. Reza Jafari is a professor in the Department of Natural Resources of Isfahan University of Technology. He specializes in remote sensing, arid land  geomorphology, arid land degradation assessment, monitoring, and environmental management. He is teaching introduction to remote sensing, advanced remote sensing, applied geomorphology at undergraduate and postgraduate level.



Diploma: Natural Sciences Diploma,1995, Tehran, Iran

B.Sc: Rangeland and Watershed Management, 1999, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

M.Sc: Combating Desertification, Tehran University, 2001, Tehran, Iran

Ph.D: Remote Sensing, "Arid Land Condition Assessment and Monitoring Using Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imagery", The University of Adelaide, 2004-2007, Adelaide, Australia



- First rank in M.Sc Entrance Examination, 1999

- First rank in M.Sc Course Examination, 1999-2001

- First rank in Ph.D Entrance Examination, 2001

- Ph.D postgraduate excellent award 2006, South Australia, Australia







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