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Journal Papers
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Mapping and Quantitative Identification of Regions Sensitive to Land Degradation in South of Isfahan Province using Modified MEDALUS Model May 2022
Multisensor Assessment of Leaf Area Index across Ecoregions of Ardabil Province, Northwestern Iran November 2022
Interaction Effects of Dust and Water Deficit Stresses on Growth and Physiology of Persian Oak (Quercus Brantii Lindl.) February 2022
Spatial scale effect of Sentinel-2, Landsat OLI, and MODIS imagery in the assessment of landscape condition of Zagros mountains September 2022
Dust source susceptibility mapping based on remote sensing and machine learning techniques December 2022
Soil quality indicators along a degradation gradient in central Iran: comparison of two regions with contrasting grazing systems January 2022
Performance evaluation of detector algorithms of Dust storms in arid lands (Case study: Yazd province) August 2022
Mapping terrestrial ecosystem health in drylands: comparison of field-based information with remotely sensed data at watershed level May 2022
Investigating the performance of NDDI index for dust mapping of arid lands (Khuzestan Province) August 2022
Temporal and spatial distribution mapping of particulate matter in southwest of Iran using remote sensing, GIS, and statistical techniques March 2022
Desert Dust Mapping and Identification Using MODIS Level 1 and AOD-AI Indices in South West of Iran August 2022
Evaluating structure and function of desert landscapes using Landscape Function Analysis and remote sensing indices June 2022
Investigating habitat degradation of Ursus arctos using species distribution modelling and remote sensing in Zagros Mountains of Iran November 2021
Remote sensing-based biological and non-biological indices for evaluating desertification in Iran: image versus field indices Spring 2021
Detection of areas prone to wind erosion and air pollution using DSI and PDSI indices August 2021
Investigating net primary production in climate regions of central Zagros using MODIS and meteorological data Summer 2021
Leaf area index variations in ecoregions of Ardabil province, Iran July 2021
Remote sensing‐based biological and nonbiological indices for evaluating desertification in Iran: Image versus field indices May 2021
Quantitative assessment and validation of the TM land surface temperature using synoptic weather stations November 2021
Detection of areas prone to wind erosion and air pollution using DSI and PDSI indices Spring 2021
Investigating net primary production in climate regions of central Zagros, Iran, using MODIS and meteorological data May 2021
A new threshold free dust storm detection index based on MODIS reflectance and thermal bands November 2021
Spatial scale effect of Sentinel-۲، Landsat OLI، and MODIS imagery in the assessment of landscape condition of Zagros Mountains Spring 2021
Grazing gradient detection and assessment in arid rangelands of central Iran using remote sensing and soil-vegetation characteristics December 2020
Bioclimatic variables from precipitation and temperature records vs. remote sensing-based bioclimatic variables: Which side can perform better in species distribution modeling? May 2020
Interaction Effects of Dust and Water Deficit Stresses on Growth and Physiology of Persian Oak (Quercus brantii Lindl.) Fall 2020
Spatiotemporal response of rangeland NPP to drought in central Iran based on SPDI index Spring 2020
Spatiotemporal variability of soil moisture in arid vegetation communities using MODIS vegetation and dryness indices January 2020
Effects of Drought on Plant Parameters of Different Rangeland Types in Khansar Region, Iran Winter 2019
Modeling of semi-steppe rangelands degradation in Isfahan Province using MODIS images Fall 2019
Daily and Seasonal Pistachio Evapotranspiration in Saline Condition:Comparison of Satellite-Based and Ground-Based Results May 2019
Estimation of spatial and temporal changes in net primary production based on Carnegie Ames Stanford Approach (CASA) model in semi-arid rangelands of Semirom County, Iran Summer 2019
Assessing the impacts of land use and land cover changes on soil functions using landscape function analysis and soil quality indicators in semi-arid natural ecosystems June 2019
Evaluating the variability of ANPP in central Iranian arid and semi-arid rangelands using CASA model and its relationship with climatic factors June 2019
Evaluating the potential of Bayesian networks for desertification assessment in arid areas of Iran November 2018
Mapping and monitoring of the structure and function of rangeland ecosystems in central Zagros Iran Fall 2018
SEBAL application to estimate water use efficiency of Pistachio trees in saline condition(Case study Bahadoran PlainIran) June 2017
Assessing the performance of remotely-sensed landscape function indices in semi-arid rangelands of Iran Summer 2017
Assessing the effects of dam building on land degradation in central Iran with Landsat LST and LULC time series Winter 2017
SEBAL application to estimate water use efficiency of Pistachio trees in saline condition (Case study: Bahadoran Plain, Iran) June 2017
Assessment of PDI MPDI and TVDI drought indices derived from MODIS Aqua/Terra Level 1B data in natural lands March 2017
Discriminating and monitoring rangeland condition classes with MODIS NDVI and EVI indices in Iranian arid and semi-arid lands Winter 2017
Comparison and evaluation of dust detection algorithms using MODIS Aqua/Terra Level 1B data and MODIS/OMI dust products in the Middle East Winter 2015
Monitoring land use and land cover changes in Semirom region based on spatial development and population variation using satellite data Spring 2014
Comparison the performance of vegetation indices and spectral mixture analysis for mapping rangeland vegetation cover March 2014
Monitoring land use and cover changes in Qom province over 33 years using maximum likelihood and fuzzy methods Spring 2014
Monitoring sand dunes changes of Gavkhouni international wetland using satellite imagery January 2014
Detection of aeolian sand sediments using a new satellite ratioing index Spring 2014
Soil salinity mapping using satellite TM and field data in southeastern Isfahan February 2014
Performance comparison of aerial photographs and IRS-P6 and ETM+ panchromatic bands in determining sand dune morphology Spring 2014
Analyzing the relationship between dust storm occurrence and climatic parameters April 2014
Investigating the performance of NDDI index for dust mapping of arid lands Spring 2014
Remote sensing technology for mapping and monitoring vegetation cover (Case study Semirom-Isfahan Iran) Spring 2014
Land use/cover change detection in 2025 with CA-Markov chain model (case study: Esfarayen) January 2014
Analysing the spatial variations of groundwater salinity and alkalinity in Isfahan province using geostatistics July 2013
Analysing the functionality of rangeland landscapes using TM sensor data (Case study: Soh region, Isfahan, Iran) June 2012
Effects of sampling sizes on the correlation between vegetation cover and NDVI data in different rangeland conditions using TM and AWIFS images June 2012
Evaluation of soil status using RS and GIS technology (Case study: Segzi plain) October 2011
The nature and importance of dust storms April 2011
Analysing different groups of remote sensing vegetation indices for studying rangeland vegetation types January 2011
Positive effects of dust on ecosystems January 2011
Land use change detection in Esfarayen region, northern Khorasan, in past four decades June 2011
Desertification Assessment using plant cover and land management criteria with GIS June 2011
The influence of green space parameters on bird species richness of city parks: case study of Isfahan city June 2010
Arid Land Condition Assessment and Monitoring Using Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imagery, Ph.D thesis June 2007
بررسي كارآيي توليدات PERSIANN و PERSIANN-CDR در برآورد بارش مناطق نيمه خشك زاگرس Winter 1398
Determination of wind erosion intensity using desertification model in Kashan area January
Evaluation of Desertification Intensity Using Soil Indices April
Determination of water resources degradation intensity using desertification model in Kashan area January
Determining the potential habitat of Astragalus verus with the integration of GIS and remote sensing January
An image-based diversity index for assessing land degradation in an arid environment in South Australia February
A review of remote sensing technology in support of the Kyoto Protocol January
Conference Papers
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Application of spectral diversity index for rangeland degradation assessment in North Khorasan province January 2013
Hydrothermal Alteration Mapping in Ferdows region with Geothermal Potential Using Landsat ETM+ Images October 2013
Analysing the Effects of of precipitation time on vegetation cover changes using satellite image (Case study: southern part of Isfahan) May 2012
Vegetation cover change detection with use of satellite images and SPI index February 2012
Arid environment mapping November 2012
Impact of climate change on Gavkhouni playa May 2010
Use of remote sensing for drought assessment and monitoring March 2009
Spectral diversity November 2008
Analysis of vegetation indices for assessing and monitoring vegetation cover in an arid environment in South Australia May 2007
Evaluation of vegetation indices for assessing vegetation cover in southern arid lands in South Australia February 2007
Monitoring Land use/cover changes of Choghakhoor wetland protected area using Landsat satellite images May
Use of GIS and MPSIAC model to estimate water erosion in eastern Isfahan April
Analysis of arid land degradation using satellite remote sensing data March
The effects of land use changes on dust storms and climate changes June
Identification and detection of dust storm pollution using remote sensing data June
Mapping and monitoring the semi-stepe vegetation cover of Iran's rangelands using satellite imagery May
Impacts of climate change and global warming on coral reefs: modeling the effects of temperature May
Assessment and Mapping of desertification based on F.A.O-UNEP and ICD techniques in Kashan, Iran (Wind Erosion - Water Resources Degradation), Presented as a Poster in Desert Research Foundation of Namibia April
The performance comparison of different vegetation indices using TM satellite data May
Determination of Kemanshah province's dust sources using satellite image time series February
Use of remote sensing for differentiating climate and human impacts on vegetation cover May
Land use change detection in last four decades using remote sensing May
Water harvesting techniques in arid and semi-arid lands May
River mapping at meter and watershed scale using reflectance data April
A review of dust mapping techniques based on remote sensing imagery February
Determining rangeland vegetation cover using GIS and remote sensing May
Role of saltellite remote sensing in water erosion assessment. The 5th National Conference on Watershed Management April
Fish farms new chances for desert regions June
Analysing the potential of hyperspectral data for identifying arid vegetation May
Analysing the effects of climate variations and land use changes on hydrological regime of Kalshour watershed, North Khorasan, over four decades May
Analyzing the potential of remote sensing data for determining evapotranspiration in agricultural lands October
Arid land characterization with EO-1 Hyperion hyperspectral data July
Analysing changes in land use and land surface temperature using remote sensing data April
Application of Remote Sensing in Biodiversity and Conservation April
Analysing rangeland landscape function using remote sensing and field methods April
Determination of susceptible area to wind erosion using GIS May
Application of remote sensing and GIS for developing tourism and ecotourism industry. November
The role of remote sensing in climate change studies May
Assessing vegetation cover changes in TangeSayad protected area February
Land cover change detection caused by Esfarayen dam in North Khorasan province using remote sensing April
Potential analysis of satellite data for estimating evapotranspiration in agricultural lands October
Analysing human and environmental effects of dust crisis April
Soil and wind erosion May
Dust crisis (techniques, consequences, solutions) May
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Hyperspectral remote sensing (principles and applications Spring 2008
Field Methods in Remote Sensing Spring 2005

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