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Comparision of FAO - UNEP , MEDALUS and MICD Models for Mapping Desertification Severity ( Case Study : Jarghoyeh Sofla Region , Esfahan Province )

Desertification has been identified as an important global issue by United Nations in 1977 and nowadays its deleterious impacts on one billion people over 100 countries has proven as a huge eco-social and environmental calamity. It is defined as land degradation by one or combination of wind and water erosion, salinization, vegetation degradation, natural and anthropological factors. Although all of above mentioned processes and factors are not necessary for desertification occurrence in every temporal and spatial scale, however, these factors in particular anthropological factors play substantial role. In order to combat desertification, the development of some suitable management models and approaches can help to alleviate desertification severity and prevent its extension. Therefore, knowledge of desertification processes, intensifying factors and also awareness from weak and strong point of these processes is too important to be evaluated. In present research, three models including FAO-UNEP, MEDALUS and MICD were applied to the Jarghuieh Sofla region in Isfahan Province to map the current status of desertification. This study also aimed to compare the results of the models and suggest the most suitable one in the region...

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