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Impact of Gavkhouni international wetland drying on desertification

Wetlands are important ecosystems which have mostly been dried due to inappropriate management. In drying process, wetlands are converted into desert-like conditions in long term. This research has studied the effect of Gavkhouni international wetland drying on desertification process in the east of Isfahan province. Land use/cover maps of the study area including water surface, bare land, salty land and vegetation over were produced using MSS 1976, ETM+ 2006 and TM 2011 Landsat images and maximum likelihood supervised classification technique. In this study, also, MEDALUS method was used to map spatial distribution of desertification based on six indices of soil indicator (surface gravel, electric conductivity, organic material, soil texture, sodium adsorption ratio and soil depth) and three indices of climate indicator (rainfall, evaporation and aridity index). The threshold speed of wind erosion and the shear strength of soil were also determined with Wilcanov method and pneunometer in the region...

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