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The influence of green space parameters on bird species richness of city parks: case study of Isfahan city



 City parks have high recreational values and can be a surrogate for nature for the low-income citizens. In this study the impacts of green space parameters (richness, diversity and density of woody species) on bird species richness and diversity was assessed in 25 city parks in Isfahan.

Material and methods

 Bird census and measuring vegetation variables were performed in spring strip transects and linear and non-linear regressions were used for analysis of collected data. Results and discussion

On the whole 25 bird species were observed in Isfahan city parks. Baghe-Golha with 16 species and Parke-Sahel with only two species had the highest and lowest bird species richness respectively. Results of this study revealed that bird species richness of city parks increases with increasing the diversity of woody species and the area of green space. These findings could be considered for designing the city parks to attract more bird species.

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