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Journal Papers
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پايش خشكسالي منطقه ا ي حوضه آبخيز زاينده رود بر اساس تغييرات سري زماني شاخص VCI سنجنده موديس و شاخص SPI Winter 2018
برآورد و ارزيابي فرسايش بادي با بكارگيري شبكه باور بيزي (BBNs) در دشت سگزي اصفهان Spring 2017
Determination of suitable time of satellite images to study vegetation in different ecosystems Summer 2017
Analyzing the effect of groundwater quality on desertification using Bayesian belief networks in Segzi desertification hotspot Fall 2017
ارزيابي روشهاي مختلف تعيين دماي پوشش گياهي درختان پسته به كمك تصاوير ماهوارهاي لندست ۸ Summer 2017
Determining the desertification potential and its influencing factors focusing on soil quality indices (case study Segzi plain- Isfahan) Summer 2017
Investigation the impact of drought on rangeland and forest vegetation changes and in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province using MODIS satellite data Summer 2017
Assessment of Chemical Characteristics of Dust in Shahdad Region of Iran Using XRF Analysis Summer 2015
Application of energy balance model and Landsat TM sensor data for evapotranspiration estimation Fall 2015
Performance comparison of MEDALUD MICD and FAO-UNEP desertification mapping models in the desertification hotspot of Jarghoyeh region Isfahan province Spring 2015
Spatial Distribution Analysis of Soil Properties in Varzaneh Region of Isfahan Using Image Processing Techniques Fall 2015
Investigation of the Pasture Vegetation Changes Using Satellite Data in Semirom Isfahan Winter 2015
Rangeland and Forest Fire Risk Mapping Using KBDI Drought Index (Case Study Isfahan Province) Winter 2015
Evaluating structural and functional characteristics of various ecological patches in different range conditions (Case study Semi -Steppe rangeland Aghche-Isfahan) Winter 2015
Assesment rangeland functionality field- based and remotely- sensed approaches (Case study Steppe and Semi -Steppe rangeland Isfahan South and Western) Summer 2015
پهنه‌بندي شوري خاك‌هاي منطقه جنوب شرق اصفهان با استفاده از داده‌هاي زميني و سنجنده TM ماهواره‌اي December 2014
پايش تغييرات تپه هاي ماسه اي تالاب بين المللي گاوخوني با استفاده از تصاوير ماهواره اي December 2014
بررسي رابطه بين پارامتر¬هاي اقليمي و وقوع ريزگردها December 2014
بررسي تغييرات مكاني شوري و قليائيت آبهاي زيرزميني استان اصفهان با استفاده از زمين آمار December 2014
مقايسه تصاوير ماهواره‌اي Landsat5 (سنجنده TM) و IRS-P6 (سنجنده AWiFS) در بررسي تيپ‌هاي مرتعي (مطالعه موردي: سميرم، اصفهان) December 2014


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